Web Design

Web Design is more than just graphics and eye pleasing color choices. It is the flow of the site, the smoothness of sharing information, the need to spend more time on the site. Some sites like Google choose to make use of white space as keeping the site clean and simple. Other sites choose to fill every inch of space, mixing advertisements and valid content, leaving novice users wondering which button to click. Although neither of these examples are specifically wrong, the end result is what the client wants to have shown. There are many different types of sites and some are discussed below:

Static HTML Pages

One of the simplest sites is made up of Static HTML Pages. These sites are very simple to upkeep, normally have no admin panel or scripts that run other than a emailing form on the contact page. In some cases, these can be the most secure as they leave less holes for hackers to enter through.

phpBB Forums

A great way to allow for users to hold discussions in both moderated and unmoderated environments is via phpBB Forums or another like software. These normally have many addons or scripts that allow you to keep track of top posters, most active moderators, birthdays and others. Although the sharing of information is great, phpBB forums require constant upkeep as holes are constantly found that need to be patched. If you are interested in this as a site, I have some personal recommendations to add to add to your security capabilities.

WordPress Blogs

WordPress is a great content or Blog management software. Although holes do appear, most are normally updated automatically if you set it up that way. There are many different ways to display the information and there are also many ways to incorporate E-Commerce into these to allow cross-selling of items discussed.

Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries allow an artist to showcase works of art, sell certain artworks, and make available the ability to comment. These sites may even allow collaboration through uploading from different users in order to make something.

E-Commerce Sites

For most sales centered businesses, an E-Commerce Site is the bread and butter of the web presence. E-Commerce allows for uploading images of the goods sold, quantity management, coupons for sales, and in some cases, shipping label printing. Although some sites may actually ship something, there are others that require consultations which can also be managed through a E-Commerce

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