Keywords: Just what is the right amount?

I hear this so often that I felt the need to create a post about it.

“So I have this topic I want on the first page of Google results.  How many times should I use the keyword on my page?”

There are opposing views on this topic, depending on who you talk to, past experiences, the keyword, Google total results… the list goes on.  Is there truly a correct answer?

I take the view of this:  If I am holding a conversation with another person about a specific topic, how often should I use the same keyword?  I know.. this is an open-ended way to bring the topic about.. you just want results.  Maybe there is just a magic formula that someone who is a search engine optimization specialist should be able to quote.  In reality, if there was a formula, it would work for one search engine, not all of the major ones.

Take the previous paragraph.  I used the necessary verbiage to get the point across.  I did not fluff, stuff keywords, use black hat tricks in the paragraph.  Isn’t this the way you would hold a conversation?  Google has artificial intelligence driving cars right now, isn’t there the slightest possibility there is a concept of AI reading posts, pages, and articles on the web?  If you really think about it, the plausibility of said AI understanding that using keywords over and over would not work in a real conversation that has sustenance.

Granted, this view may not be shared by many.. however; it makes you think, how you would go about using your web footprint like a conversation piece with another human being?  Would you overpower the conversation, make it too hard to get the point across, or leave people behind due to a myriad of other negative outlooks from stuffing keywords while talking?

When posting, imagine a conversation.. get back to basics.  Hope this helps you in your future endeavors.