Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO), is a ever changing way to keep your site near or on the top of specific search terms on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search sites. There are constant updates to the algorithms and user agreements that leave businesses in the dark unless there is a continuous web presence to adjust with the updates and changes. To be honest, every site has different requirements to ensure that SEO works in tandem with what your business model is. There are several main points that SEO requires a website clearly display to get substantial placement on web searches. I will discuss several of the main ones below.

Search Engines Love Fresh Content

Just throwing up a page, let it sit and gather dust, or otherwise forgetting about it will possibly give you a temporary boost in rankings, however; sites that continuously give fresh posts or content about specific topics(aka keywords) will garner better search engine attention as well as more search bot visits.

Be Different, Don’t Copy/Paste

Visiting your competitor and using what they have written is a big no-no. Once again, do not just copy and paste, be unique, be different, be original.

Don’t Use A Keyword That Has 100 Million Search Returns

 A specific topic may be out of reach to a smaller site, however; a longer search term (less specific) could mean much higher rankings.

By taking time to research, we at Endless Web Solutions can come up with several ideas to boost your rankings. You may see results of the updated search positioning in a short time period for some sites. Every business is looking to increase sales… this is just one of many ways to increase traffic to your site which will in turn increase profits and sales. For other ways to increase traffic, view our page on

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