3 Quick WordPress SEO Tips

You just installed a blank WordPress site.  Congratulations!  To get the site up and running, there are a few things to do in the admin area.  You can find those listed here.

Now that you have the admin area taken care of, its time to deal with some major SEO issues that come with a blank WordPress install.

  • The first of the 3 Quick WordPress SEO Tips is: fix the category section.  This is a keyword sensitive area, so replacing Uncategorized with Site News or some other category that will relate to your content is imperative.  Not only should you replace Uncategorized, you should also add several sub categories.  Again, keep these related to content you expect to deliver.  Give each category a valid description ( try and keep it in sentence format).   An example of valid categories is below:
Valid Categories

Example of valid changes to categories from a fresh install of WordPress

  • The second of the 3 Quick WordPress SEO Tips is: install the plugins that are necessary to add sitemaps, SEO content per page/post, and other SEO intensive initiatives.  To add these plugins, just head to your admin panel.  Under the menu option of Appearance is the tab Plugins...
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Endless Web Solutions LLC

Endless Web Solutions was incorporated in Florida on August 26th 2014. We offer services that include complete web site creation, fine tuning search engine optimization, keyword research, search engine marketing, and social media footprint establishment which are used to increase sales and web traffic for local businesses.  Due to advances in search engines providing more localized search results, this area of business advertising should not be overlooked.   Overhauling an outdated website can ensure great placements in future search results.  Social media can be used for fire sales, hiring, and product testing; all of which can positively add to your bottom line.

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